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12/01/2005: Futures Committee Launched
A Futures Committee was officially established to address the concerns that Camelot will face once we have moved in.
11/16/2005: Camelot / Mosaic Site Plan
Camelot and Mosaic agree on site plan encompassing both neighborhoods.
11/15/2005: We Have Water
Well drilled. Water quantity is sufficient; further testing is underway.
11/07/2005: Septic Field Tested
Proposed septic field location tested. Soil percolation is excellent.
11/01/2005: Driveway Grading
Initial driveway grading complete. Well drilling rig now has access to the land.
09/27/2005: Common House Design Plan
Camelot ratifies plan for Common House Design.
06/28/2005: Signed contract with Ecohousing LLC.
Sawyer Hill signs a contract with Ecohousing LLC. Chris ScottHanson and Stew Mayer become the project and development managers.
06/05/2005: Environmental Programming Workshop
Camelot holds its Environmental Programming workshop.
06/02/2005: Land Purchased in Berlin
Camelot/Mosaic/Sawyer Hill complete the purchase of the 55 acre parcel of land in Berlin MA - - our future home. The deed is registered in Worcester County 4 days later.
04/13/2005: Architect Selected
Camelot chooses the Office of Michael Rosenfeld to design the neighborhood.
03/03/2005: Sawyer Hill Cohousing LLC Established
Camelot and Mosaic form Sawyer Hill Cohousing LLC to manage the two group's shared project planning needs. The two cohousing neighborhoods will continue to be designed separately, each with its own common house, architecture, layout and amenities.
02/06/2005: Planning of Shared Site
Camelot completes first site design workshop. Mosaic Commons agrees to share site and project with Camelot Cohousing. This agreement marks the first time that two cohousing communities will be planned and built simultaneously on a shared site.
02/04/2005: Cohousing Slide Show
Camelot hosts a free slide-show on cohousing design and principles, presented by Kraus Fitch Architects.
01/11/2005: Earnest Money put Down
Camelot puts down earnest money on 55 acre property in Berlin.

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