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12/01/2006: Elections & Camelot Cookie Bake-Off
Elections were held to determine new officers and chairpersons for 2007. The first Camelot Cookie Bake-Off was also a tremendous success.
09/24/2006: Bolton Fair
Camelot and Mosaic share a booth at the Bolton Fair.
07/24/2006: Common House Design Workshop
Camelot holds a two day Common House Design Workshop.
07/01/2006: Common House Workshop
The Common House Design Development workshop was held, focusing on some of the more detailed structural designs.
07/01/2006: Design Workshops
Unit Design Development workshops were held with individual unit types meeting in small groups.
05/13/2006: Cohousing Tour
Several members of Camelot attended a Cohousing tour of established cohousing neighborhoods in Massachusetts.
05/01/2006: Cooperative Fund Loan Approval
We received approval for the Cooperative Fund of New England loan.
04/08/2006: Land Walk
Members of Camelot enjoyed spending time together on a group land walk this Spring.
04/01/2006: Additional Land Purchase Completed
The purchase of the parcel of Zwicker property was finalized. This will allow for easier management of the septic.
04/01/2006: Water Quality Tests
Results of the water quality tests that were performed on the Berlin land are very good.
02/26/2006: Zwicker Deed Filed
The Deed for the Zwicker land parcel was filed.
02/15/2006: Comprehensive Permit Filed
Comprehensive Permit paperwork was officially filed with the town of Berlin.
01/18/2006: 40B Application Filed
The 40B application was filed with the state including the Camelot site plan.
01/15/2006: Site Plan Draft
The First complete draft of the Site Plan for Camelot has been finished.

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